by  Walter O. Ötsch

Oktober 26, 2023

Walter Ötsch in conversation with Rob Boddice.
Please activate the transcription, you will understand the text better.

Rob Boddice is a Senior Researcher at the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences, Tampere in Finland. He is an expert in the history of medicine, of science and emotions.

Combining historical and neuroscience knowledge Rob Boddice argues that people in different centuries feel differently. He gives examples from Homer's Iliad (Achilles' “anger”), the Middle Ages (Hildegard von Bingen's “love”) and from modern times.

That leads to the question: How are feelings and perceptions are connected? What can we learn from it for our own perceptions, about the way we feel emotions? Do we live a happy society? Or have we become uncaring and insensitive? And what does that mean for the emotional politics of the right-wing populists?

Aufgezeichnet am 1. September 2023. Folge 16 der Reihe "Denken hilft" bei DorfTV.

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